27 августа 2012 г.

Travel postcard

Today I tried to send postcards from different places. Lossless is not cost - somewhere lost Belgorod and Peter summed up with the mail subject. The rest arrived without any problems.
Of course Italy. Tried to send a postcard every day of the place where it was.

Italy. Florence David 13.06.2012
Италия. Флоренция Давид 13.06.2012.
Italy Pisa 14.06.2012
Италия Пиза 14.06.2012

The Vatican 15.06.2012 Pope Benedict 16
Ватикан 15.06.2012 Папа римский
Italy. Rome Colosseum 16.06.2012
Италия. Рим Колизей 16.06.2012

Italy Naples 18.06.2012
Италия Неаполь 18.06.2012

The Vatican Cathedral of Saint Peter 19.06.2012
Ватикан Собор Св. Петра 19.06.2012

Salvador Dali Pieta 1982-Exhibition of 19.06.2012
Дали Пьета 1982 19.06.2012

Khokhloma г.Semyonov ITC Mark the 2009 AGM. The Russian Museum (promised cliche, but he was not on the card) 16.07.2012
Хохлома г. Семёнов ИТЦ Марка 2009 ГРМ 16.07.2012

From Геническа 05.08.2012
Katerina Biletina. Ukraine, Poltava. 2012 Lviv. I want to say about this card because it is published specially for Postcross (it is written by someone who has received one of this series - will not lie).
Катерина Билетина Украина Полтавщина 2012 Львов 05.08.2012 из Геническа

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